Fort Collins Mennonite Fellowship
300 E Oak Street
Fort Collins, CO 80524
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Phone: (970) 412-7510

Pastor(s): Steve M. Ramer
E-mail: stevemramer (at) yahoo (dot) com

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Welcome to FCMF!

We are glad you found us, and welcome you to come and learn more about us. We use our hands to do God’s work, focusing on issues of social justice, peacemaking, and helping those in need. We enjoy meeting people as impassioned about helping others as we are!

We are an authentic, compassionate, and inclusive community, following in Jesus' footsteps to seek God’s love, compassion, and justice within us, among us, and in the world.

What's Happening!

This August we use our informal, "Workship 'Round the Table" worship style to explore the Enneagram.

The   Enneagram is  a 9-part model of human personality that can help us discover truths about ourselves, which lead to greater self-understanding. Discovering these things can move us on a path of personal transformation, as well as to awareness and grace within our community.

Together, we will sit and eat together, learning and discussing personality traits, types, truths, and myths. 

  • Aug. 3:   The Enneagram: Introduction (Lynette). Learn about the history of the Enneagram, the 9 different personality types, and the triads they fit into: heart, mind, or instinct-centered.
  • Aug. 10: The Enneagram: Path to Transformation (Annie). Transcending the ego is the gate to every spiritual path. The Enneagram shows us the gate and how to pass through it. We all seek a way to lead richer, more fulfilling, graceful lives -- and to help others do the same. 
  • Aug. 17:  The Enneagram: Fostering Community (Steph). Today we talk about how knowing ourselves can help foster genuine community. Come on in, grab some breakfast, pull up a chair, and enjoy our last “Worship ‘Round the Table” service this summer. Next week we'll go back to our regular style of worship. 
Worship Sundays at 10:00 am
Sunday School


Kindergarten through 5th Grade - During the Worship Service.

6th Grade through High School - 2nd and 4th Sundays, following the Worship Service.

Coffee & Fellowship

Follows right after the Worship Service.

Midweek Potluck
Every Wednesday at 6:00 pm (enter through back door of the Church) - ON VACATION DURING THE SUMMER -
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Our Building Did you know we rent out our building to non-profit organizations that help the community? Stay tuned for a link to photos of the various rooms available. If you're interested, contact Steve Ramer (pastor) at: or (970) 412-7510.


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